CBS News Blog – "Public Eye"

According to Matt Drudge, CBS News will launch a new blog called “Public Eye” on Monday, September 12. 

“Public Eye” will be edited by veteran reporter and media writer Vaughn Ververs, most recently editor of The Hotline, a daily Web briefing on politics published by the National Journal.

Ververs will serve as the conduit between the public and CBS News to take viewers and users inside the news gathering, production and decision-making process via the use of original video and outtakes, interviews with correspondents and producers, and input from independent experts, among other methods.

“Public Eye” gives CBS News the opportunity to be more open and accessible about why and how it makes the decisions that affect what millions of people are able to see, hear and read each day.

Dear Mr. CBS News (whomever and wherever you are);

If this is done correctly, a CBS News blog could benefit from citizen journalists throughout the world, and completely set itself apart from standard news websites offered by other network television news divisions. The blog could usher in a new breed of news gathering talent, and dramatically change the way news is reported.

Done incorrectly, the CBS News blog will be ridiculed by “A” list bloggers, tormented by pajamahedeen called legion who will tirelessly investigate, uncover, and expose future ‘Rathergate’ scandals…and ignored by the rest of the world.

I think you know which is better.

This is your moment. Carpe Diem.

UPDATE: Here’s a preview.

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