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The trial of eight British men accused of plotting to blow up seven airliners using liquid explosives is underway in London. Details of the terrorist’s plan are now becoming public.

The prosecution claimed that the explosive was planned to consist of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a powdered version of the fruit drink Tang. The addition of Tang, “which is an energetic compound”, would aid detonation, said Wright. He claimed that the mixture was intended to be dyed to match the colour of a soft drink, then substituted for the contents of 500ml bottles of Lucozade and Oasis. The original contents of these would be extracted without breaking the seal by means of a syringe, and the resulting hole in the base of the bottle sealed with superglue.

The jury was told that the bombs were to have been detonated using hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD), an explosive compound prepared using hydrogen peroxide and hexamine. This mix would be concealed in hollowed out batteries, and put together with the liquid explosives and a power source, possibly a disposable camera, once the flight was airborne.

A diary which Wright said was found on one of the accused gave details of the planning. “Mouthwash, blue, red. Calculate exact drops of Tang, plus colour. Make in HP.” And: “Lucozade, red, 1.5 drops, one teaspoon Tang, one teaspoon orange, 12 drops. Oasis, red. On, red dye. Orange, two times mango.”

The men were arrested in August 2006 leading to a worldwide clamp-down on liquids in carry-on baggage, with the ban initially extending even to jam sandwiches, and leading to debates over the relative explosive capabilities of hard and soft cheeses.

This is why we need the patriot act. This is why we need a strong CIA. This is why we need Homeland Security.

These guys got caught (and in the nick of time, I might add). Yet, some would believe their capture is yet another deterrent to other would be terrorists. They couldn’t be more wrong. Radical islamic terrorists won’t stop just because a few of their brothers got caught. They’re planning, plotting, and scheming right now.

They must be stopped.

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Adam Gadahn: Dead?

It’s been a rumor for weeks, but now Dr. Rusty Shackleford has fresh information from sources that tell him the American al Qaeda member and traitor Adam Gadahn was killed after a U.S. Predator drone killed Abu Laith al-Libi.

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