Patrick Swayze has 5 Weeks To Live

The 55 year-old actor made famous in the movies “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” was diagnosed in late January with pancreatic cancer. It’s now spread to other organs.

For the past month, Patrick, 55, has been traveling to Stanford University’s prestigious cancer center in Palo Alto for radical chemotherapy, but his doctors are no longer optimistic that the treatments will be successful.

Patrick and his wife Lisa Niemi — who both have pilot’s licenses — have been flying their private Beechcraft plane into Palo Alto’s airport, minutes away from the Stanford Cancer Center, where the actor has received outpatient treatment.

He received three doses of chemotherapy and the tumor shrank, but less than his doctors had hoped for — and Patrick was told he should prepare for the end.

“He was told he could have two more treatments, but his cancer was not responding. In short – they held out little hope for a cure,” said an insider.

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Karma Chameleon

Tell the truth now…Can you look this guy in the face and believe that he could really chain a Norwegian male escort to a wall in his house?

Come on…search your soul.

Boy George, the former Culture Club singer, appeared in court today accused of chaining a Norwegian male escort to the wall of his Shoreditch home.

The 46-year-old pop-star and DJ denied assaulting and imprisoning Audun Carlsen on April 28 last year when he appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London.

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I See Dead People

Keith Richards, in a recent interview, manages to get his mouth working well enough to claim Mick Jagger is a “power freak” and a “bit vain”. Who knew?

“Mick’s a maniac. He can’t get up in the morning without knowing immediately who he’s going to call,” the 64-year-old Richards said.

“Meanwhile, I just go ‘Thank God I’m awake’ and wait for three or four hours before I do anything. He is a power freak and there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t want to do anything about it. Let him bugger about. It doesn’t make any difference to what we do.”

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Harry At War

Sounds like a royal family driven PR campaign to me.

They’re calling him “Harry the Hero!”

British Royal Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan since late December — and has been directly involved in battle.

Australian magazine NEW IDEA and the German daily BILD have broken world embargoes on the development. CNN has debated internally on the merits of reporting Harry at war.

The prince, a junior officer in the Blues and Royals, and third in line to the throne, has been a “magnificent soldier” and an “inspiration to all of Briton.”

Prince Harry is talking part in a new offensive against the Taliban.

Ministry of Defense and Clarence House refuse all comment. Army chiefs have managed to keep the prince away from media and have encourage fellow soldiers in his squadron to stay quiet.

I have absolutely no problem with Prince Harry wanting to serve his country. I applaud him for that. In fact, I’d bet he’s he type who would rather keep this whole thing quiet. Problem is, he’s surrounded by old people who want to keep the magic of the Windsor Dynasty alive. A quest to manufacture in Harry the kind of reverence found previously in Diana.

Ooops, hold on.

I’m actually blogging about the royal family. My apologies.


MORE: Queen told him to go | Photos | The Interview | Fighting the Taliban |

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Oscar Kisses The Boo Boo

Whoopi’s all better now.

Whoopi Goldberg has accepted an apology from producer Gil Cates for not including her in a montage featuring Oscar hosts during Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast.

Cates called her Tuesday and “talked about the fact that he had made an oversight, pure and simple. He said, `You know I love you,'” Goldberg said Wednesday on ABC daytime talk show “The View.” Goldberg, who called Cates a “great gentleman,” accepted his apology.

She said she has “moved on” since choking up on Monday’s show when her fellow co-hosts discussed how she was left out of the clip.

The 52-year-old actress-comedian hosted the Oscars in 1994, 1996, 1999 and 2002.

I didn’t see the show (ahem, I don’t ‘The View’) so I don’t know about the whole tearing up thing. I dunno – I guess I never pegged Whoopi Goldberg to be that fragile.

Maybe she was left out because her hosting performances haven’t really been memorable? I mean memorable like Billy Crystal memorable. Or even Johnny Carson memorable. I mean, for the life of me, I can’t think of one stand out thing Whoopi did during her stint as Oscar host.

Oh well, for whatever it’s worth, she’s whole again.

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Say Goodbye to Neverland

Since he doesn’t seem to have $24,525,906.61 laying around his hotel room, Michael Jackson will watch as his beloved Neverland Ranch is auctioned off to the highest bidder. So, what do you get if you’re the winning bidder? You get the house, plus all the freaky stuff – all Jackson’s personal property inside (what’s left of it), all fixtures, applicances, furniture, and all the kids merry-go-round crap outside too. In other words, every stinkin’ thing is up for grabs.

Here’s the official notice of sale (PDF).

Have fun kiddies.

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Naomi's Flesh

Super-dee-duper model Naomi Campbell has been hospitalized in Brazil and is being treated by one of them top notch doctor types who specializes in infectious diseases. Official reports say a small cyst has been removed. Unofficial reports claim she has ‘flesh-eating’ disease.

Here’s another official report – after thinking for a second about flesh-eating disease, I actually threw up in my mouth, just a little bit.

Get well soon, Naomi.

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Oscar Flop

First the Emmys died, and now the Oscars.

Following the lowest-rated Emmys since 1990, the strike-hindered ratings performance of a severely truncated version of the Golden Globes and a nonstruck airing of the Grammys that nonetheless disappointed, Sunday night’s presentation of the 80th Annual Academy Awards on ABC hit an all-time ratings low.

According to overnight fast national ratings, the awards averaged a 10.7 rating among adults 18 to 49 and was seen by 32 million viewers. In the demo, that’s down a sharp 24% from last year and the lowest on record. Among viewers, that’s a 20% drop. The previous all-time low was in 2003.

Sunday night’s Oscar telecast, where “No Country for Old Men” took the top prize, was expected to underperform given the lack of movies with broad boxoffice appeal vying for best picture. ABC and producers also were unsure whether the Oscars were going forward with a full production until the writers strike was resolved Feb. 12, resulting in a last-minute scramble to prepare and market the show.

I stuck around for the first 45 minutes or so, then I just had to split. It was boring. It was lackluster. John Stewart was barely funny. Heck, the actors looked like they didn’t want to be there.


Or maybe I’m just getting too old?

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And We Care?

When Sharon Stone speaks, who really listens?

Trouble in the Streisand Family

If momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Barbra Streisand is reportedly furious that stepson Josh Brolin is to play the lead role in a forthcoming biopic of US President George W. Bush. The National Enquirer claims that the singer, a staunch Democrat supporter, pleaded with Brolin not to appear in the Oliver Stone-directed film. A source said: “Barbra thinks this movie will show a side to George W. Bush that draws sympathy from the public and she does not think Bush deserves anything positive.

Uh, wait a minute. Isn’t this an Oliver Stone film? Babs is acting as if Oliver is Rush Limbaugh! I don’t think she has anything to worry about, given Stone’s political leanings. Still, this story once again illuminates the wackiness of the moonbat left. Even Oliver Stone is a threat.