Batman VS Superman: Ben Affleck is Sad

Like all of us, Ben Affleck has had career highs and lows. He’s made a few good movies, and there have been some real bombs. Now that Batman VS Superman is out, and the reviews are in, Ben will probably be hiding its movie promo poster in the same closet that houses the memorabilia from disappointing past career decisions. I’m sure he’s ready to move on but that’s tough since promotional commitments for Batman VS Superman are still required. And during these press avails, there are questions Ben would surely like to take a pass on (like the pass he should have taken for this role). 

Joan Rivers is Dead

81 years is a long time. Joan died today. There will be an investigation into her death. Either something went very wrong during her outpatient procedure last week, or, her time was up, and the fact that she was in a doctor’s office had nothing to do with it.

We’ll find out in time.


It’s hard to recover from cardiac arrest. Even if your heart stops for a minute or more, your brain isn’t getting oxygen, and that has permanent ramifications. My gut tells me the doctors told Joan’s daughter Melissa that her mom could stay hooked up to machines and “live” as long as they were plugged in, or, they could unplug the machines and see if she keeps going on her own. Melissa knows her mom better than anyone and she knew Joan would hate being a vegetable. She probably unhooked the life support hoping for the best knowing there wasn’t a lot of hope for real recovery.

There will never be another like Joan Rivers.

Dick Clark is Dead

He’s a teenager no more.


Dick Clark, the creator of "American Bandstand" and "Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve," died Wednesday morning, his rep tells

He was 82.

Clark suffered a massive heart attack after entering  St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica Tuesday night for an outpatient procedure, according to his family.

Attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful.

I guess I’ve expected this for some time. The guy really seemed to have a tough time coming back from that terrible stroke he had in 2004. At the time it was reported as “minor” but it was anything but. It took the life out of him.

And then he returned to air, and he was a pro, but it wasn’t the Dick Clark we remembered. Still, he gave it his all.

I loved American Bandstand.


Every Saturday throughout the early 70’s, my mom would turn on AB and we would watch. She loved the dance contests. I remember seeing performances (albeit, lip sync) from so many influential bands. The Jackson Five, The Guess Who, KC and the Sunshine Band. I saw them all, when they were new, singing their first big hit. And we can all thank Dick for that magic.

An end of an era, for sure. So, long.


MORE: TMZ has his last on screen appearance, photos, and twitter reaction.

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. According to TMZ, Paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back. He was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement sources say.

David Letterman Apologizes to Sarah Palin

David Letterman finally officially apologized to Gov. Sarah Palin tonight after he told some off color jokes about her and her daughter last week during a “Late Night with David Letterman” monologue.

“I feel that I need to do the right thing here and apologize for having told that joke,” he said. “It’s not your fault that it was misunderstood, it’s my fault that it was misunderstood,” Letterman said.

He apologized to both daughters, “and also to the Governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke,” he said as the studio audience applauded. “I’m sorry about it, and I’ll try to do better in the future.”

Dave could have fixed this early last week, but it’s clear he didn’t understand the importance of the issue and how it his “joke” was perceived by millions of people. Fact is, millions of people love Sarah Palin, and they take her seriously as a future conservative leader. Liberals fear her, and so they ridicule her and denegrate her family at every opportunity. They fear her because of the power she has to motivate and inspire people.

I think Dave apologized because a suit at CBS told him they’d had enough. Ratings through controversy works for a couple of days, but then things have to return to normal, or else the train derails. Upper management at Black Rock let this run its course hoping things would settle down by last Friday. When it didn’t, they had to give Dave the message. Presto! Apologee time.

So, what will this do for Letterman? I think he’s wounded, and this event might just signal an early retirement for him. After all, he’s been on television for decades, and his rough edged comedy lost its edge years ago. These days, Dave’s show highlights how unhip he’s become. His age is showing and he looks like he’s tired of the whole game most of the time. His ratings haven’t improved significantly in a long time. He’s lost the college crowd he commanded back at NBC.

I think Letterman really wanted to be the next Johnny Carson, and he might have been able to succeed at that if he would have kept the same comedy formula from the NBC years. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He got comfortable at CBS, and that was that. No one will ever be as good as Carson, and it’s too late for Letterman to try.

So, it’s ok Dave. We give you permission to hang it up. Take a year or so to make your exit, but do it. It’s time.

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Still More: Here’s the video.

Thought of the Day

Have you ever thought about how big Larry King’s head is?





I mean, really…it’s huge.

Just sayin’.

Tim Russert has Died

Just shocked. Stunned. The bureau chief for NBC News in Washington died today reportedly after suffering a massive heart attack.

Like many, I grew up watching ‘Meet the Press’. It was my “must see TV”. It’s hard to imagine Tim not sitting at that desk this Sunday.


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Bo Diddley died today at age 79.

Diddley died of heart failure at his home in Archer, Fla., spokeswoman Susan Clary said. He had suffered a heart attack in August, three months after suffering a stroke while touring in Iowa. Doctors said the stroke affected his ability to speak, and he had returned to Florida to continue rehabilitation.

The legendary singer and performer, known for his homemade square guitar, dark glasses and black hat, was an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, had a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and received a lifetime achievement award in 1999 at the Grammy Awards.

He leaves the world with a signature rhythmic beat that has influenced thousands of songs. Quite a legacy.

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Talk Dirty To Me

Remember the 80’s hair band, Poison? Of course you do. After all, you probably watch Brett Michaels on VH1, right? (I don’t). If you can’t place the band, you might remember this song, which was one of their biggest hits.

Anyway, their drummer, Rikki Rockett is in a heap ‘o trouble. He was arrested this week on an outstanding warrant. No, he didn’t forget to pay a few parking tickets. And no, he didn’t pull the tag off of his mattress either. The warrant for his arrest was for something far more serious.


There aren’t any real details right now. He remains in the L.A. County lockup.

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Mary Ann Loves Mary Jane

Dawn Wells, the actress who played ‘Mary Ann’ on the classic TV show Gilligan’s Island was busted recently for reckless driving. She was put on probation. She had a good lawyer, because the real reason she was busted was she had a couple of half smoked J’s and a stash o’ ganja. Seems Mary Ann has a thing for weed.

Must of been all those years trapped on that island followed by the ensuing depression brought on by the constant ogling of Ginger by the Professor, the Skipper, Gilligan and Mr. Howell. It’s the green of jealousy that lead her toward the green of the earth.

UPDATE: Statement from Dawn Wells.

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