Blame White Guilt

One of Britain’s most influential black figures suggests that guilt over transatlantic slavery is behind Barack Obama’s support from middle class whites in America. Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is no stranger to controversy with his comments on race relations in the U.K.

“If Obama can succeed, then maybe they can imagine that [Martin Luther] King’s post-racial nirvana has arrived. A vote for Obama is a pain-free negation of their own racism. So long as they don’t have to live next door to him; Obama has yet to win convincingly in white districts adjacent to black communities.”

Wait for it.

Mr Phillips compared Mr Obama to Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey, prominent black “bargainers” – those who strike a deal with white America not to make an issue of historical racism if their own race is not used against them.

Bargainer, huh? Isn’t that code for “Uncle Tom”?

Not only is Mr. Phillips dismissing the legitimacy of the Democratic party’s Messiah, he’s also twisting the knife on Mother Mary, a.k.a. Oprah.

“In truth, Obama may be helping to postpone the arrival of a post-racial America and I think he knows it,” Mr Phillips wrote. “If he wins, the cynicism may be worth it to him and his party. In the end he is a politician and a very good one: his job is to win elections.” He added: “If he fulfils the hopes of whites, he must disappoint blacks – and vice versa.”

Do you get a sense that if there were no race issues there would be no job for Mr. Phillips? I do.

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Barack and Hillary, Sittin' in a Tree

I knew it was love, and this video proves it!

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Low on the Believability Quotient

The Stepford Child is on the stump.

From shaking hands and taking photos on the rope line at California State University in Dominguez Hills to answering personal questions with steely resolve in a town-hall meeting at Santa Barbara City College, the Chelsea that emerged was one of contrasts, seamlessly appropriating well-known attributes from both President and Senator Clinton. In the end, there’s little doubt: Chelsea is definitely her parents’ child.

And that’s just the way she wants it.

“There’s no one that I love more, that I respect more,” a smiling Clinton said of her mother during the day’s second stop in Santa Barbara. “She makes the best applesauce. She reads to me still when I don’t feel well. I’ve never doubted that I’m the most important person in the world to her.”

Ummm, riiiiight.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see Hillary Clinton as the homemaker whipping up a great batch of applesauce. Nor do I see her reading, comfortingly to a 27-year old who’s feeling ill. Unless, of course, she’s reading from a policy speech she’s about to deliver.

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Spineless Parents Horrified by Son


This is unbelievable.


The parents of a teenager who hosted a raucous house party in Melbourne on Saturday night have demanded their son apologise but the 16-year-old is unrepentant, saying he’s done nothing wrong.

In fact, Corey went one step better yesterday.

“Best party ever, that’s what everyone’s saying,” was his verdict.

When asked by the Nine Network what advice he had for teenagers considering throwing a party while parents were away, he said: “Get me to do it for you.”

Steve and Jo Delaney cut short their Gold Coast holiday after a party at their house attracted up to 500 alcohol-charged youths — who damaged police cars with bottles and had to be dispersed with the help of a police helicopter.

Steve Delaney questioned if he could trust Corey any more. “Horrified. (I) just can’t believe what’s happened. Our son has gone totally behind our back,” he told Channel Seven. “So embarrassed for our neighbourhood. Just can’t believe what they must have gone through.”

He said his son pulled out of the family trip at the last minute, saying he had to work.

Ms Delaney said: “I can’t believe that Corey would do this to us to start with. Honestly, he must have planned the party.”

Uh, ya think?

When that kid came home with a tongue stud and pierced nipples that should have been a clue that there were going to be problems ahead. Really, these parents need to grow some skin and kick some reality into this kid. And by the way – who leaves a 16-year-old home alone on a weekend? Idiots.

And worse yet – there’s been no lesson learned whatsoever.

Mark my words – the next time we hear from this kid, it’ll be about how he made a kajillion dollars from his own reality TV series, a rap record, a franchise of 250 party planning service locations, and an appearance at the Super Bowl with Britney Spears.

See? It’s already starting.

What a world.

MORE: This guy is a piece of work.

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Butt Foods

I dunno – I just think this is funny.

There is a real company whose name is Butt Foods. Their tag line?

“Butt Foods can satisfy your needs”.



Shuck And Jive

“To shuck and jive” originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards. The expression was documented as being in wide usage in the 1920s, but may have originated much earlier.
“Shucking and jiving” was a tactic of both survival and resistance. A slave, for instance, could say eagerly, “Oh, yes, Master,” and have no real intention to obey. Or an African-American man could pretend to be working hard at a task he was ordered to do, but might put up this pretense only when under observation. Both would be instances of “doin’ the old shuck ‘n jive.”

Nice, Andrew. Real smooth.

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How To Be Gay

If you attend the University of Michigan, you have an opportunity to take this class.


Section 002 — How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation.

Course Description:

We will examine a number of cultural artifacts and activities that seem to play a prominent role in learning how to be gay: Hollywood movies, grand opera, Broadway musicals, and other works of classical and popular music, as well as camp, diva-worship, drag, muscle culture, taste, style, and political activism. Are there a number of classically ‘gay’ works such that, despite changing tastes and generations, all gay men, of whatever class, race, or ethnicity, need to know them, in order to be gay? What is there about gay identity that explains the gay appropriation of these works? What do we learn about gay male identity by asking not who gay men are but what it is that gay men do or like? One aim of exploring these questions is to approach gay identity from the perspective of social practices and cultural identifications rather than from the perspective of gay sexuality itself.

This isn’t your father’s college education. I don’t even know where to begin…

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Cooking Meth 101

Our Tax Dollars At Work. And people wonder why parents choose to homeschool their kids…

 In-Class Meth Demonstration Angers Parents

A local woman went ‘through the roof’ when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school.She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.Grays Harbor County sheriff’s deputy shows class, “And the reaction will start occurring down there and start bubbling up.”

It is part chemistry class and part drug enforcement as a member of the Grays Harbor drug task force talks to Elma High School students about making Methamphetamine. Deputy shows class: “Then you’ll have a little bit down at the bottom, the white stuff, and that’s your meth.”


Yep, that’s YOUR meth. Close your eyes. Can’t you just picture the kids in class that day…furiously taking notes…ready to stop by Walmart on the way home to pick up their bucket, their home cleaning products, and their pseudoephedrine.

Perfect, just perfect.

One parent considers it a recipe for disaster.

“I was really upset when my daughter had come home and said ‘mom we learned how to make meth today in school,’ ” said parent Teresa McCutcheon. “My jaw just kind of dropped and I said, ‘what?’ “

A completely normal response, by the way. Any less of a reaction and I’d be calling CPS.

Teresa McCutcheon found it hard to believe what her daughter was telling her. She wanted to see for herself, so she demanded and got a videotape of that class.

Back when I was in school, there was no class being videotaped, so this is a new thing to me. How often are classes recorded? Is there some kind of mandated video archiving going on or is it the choice of the school? If you know, let me know.

The McCutcheons say it’s one thing to learn about the dangers of meth and how to spot a meth lab. It is another thing to show kids how it’s made.

No kidding.

“I think it’s a good thing to be educated about it, but it’s bad if they’re teaching you how to do it,” said high school freshman Christene McCutcheon.

We showed the same video to Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott. He says it’s the same demonstration the drug task force has been putting on for several years, but they’ll review it.

Oh great – for years they’ve been doing this and the little kiddies have been diligently learning their craft.

“We talk about how methamphetamine is manufactured. I think there’s a big difference between ‘how’ it is manufactured and ‘how to’ manufacture it,” Scott said.

Yeah, one word. Big difference.

Christene is asked, “So you think you learned how to make methamphetamines because of this demonstration?” Christene answered, “Yes. I just don’t know how to mix it all together.”

Scott says, “We’ll look at this, but we stand pretty firm in that this is an educational tool. The schools have been very receptive to it in years passed.”

In other words, even though you’ve complained Ms. McCutheon, we’re going to continue teaching this crap. That’s why people homeschool, so they can control the type of education their children receive.

UPDATE: December 4, 2007 – another teacher, another meth cooking class.