Obama Resists Latest Fad

This is where we are today in America.

Yeah, that’s Jeff Bezos. The individual who brought us amazon.com, or the guy better known as “The Most Hated Man in Book Publishing“.

If you’ve been in a cave, this is The Ice Bucket Challenge. I think these fads are dumb. We’re like a bunch of kindergarten kids. Hey, watch me as I dump a bucket of ice water on my head, then you can laugh at me, and then I’ll challenge you to do it too. I’m not against donations to the ALS, but couldn’t we find another way?

I can’t believe how grateful I am that the President of the United States resisted this stupidity. Frankly, I’m surprised he did. There is probably some poll out there that says this would give him a bump.

Jesse Jackson Booed Off Stage After Asking for Donations in Ferguson

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Jacksoon Booed

When he’s not being booed by the crowd, he’s hyping them up using this technique. Impressive.

Blog Headline of the Day

From my old friend Gateway Pundit.

RICK PERRY Declines to Fund Crazy Violent Drunk – Dems Indict Him For It

Even if you don’t click over to read the story, you’ve got all you need in that headline.


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

I peed in the Olympic pool“.

Feel Good Video of the Day

What’s more pleasurable than stringing up a politician? Too bad the public was unprepared and left the tomatoes at home.

Olympic Fail — Right Hand Still Hasn't Met Left Hand

U.S. viewers are forced to wait until 8 PM to view Olympic games that ended 9 hours earlier. Meanwhile, the web knows no time delay, and results are available instantly. NBC television is stuck in the 1980’s, as if no one gets any current information but from them. People are getting kicked off of Twitter for criticizing the network. And now…

parents can’t even watch their athlete sons and daughters at the venue.

London had years to prepare for this. Why have they fumbled?

NBC Television must have plenty of twenty and thirty something’s employed by the company. Didn’t anyone ask them about the wisdom of sequestering live game action? Sure, NBC has an iPad app for folks who want to watch in real time, but have you seen the app ratings? It barely garners one star in the app store. Users hate it. Not because you have to have a cable subscription to MSNBC or CNBC through your local provider. They hate it because it just plain sucks.

Oh well. Maybe Brazil will get it right.

Good Morning America Beats TODAY Show, and…

They had to take a picture.


Why didn’t they put Stephanopoulos on a box or something? I mean really. Look at him next to Robin Roberts for goodness sake! She’s like a foot and a half taller than him. Where’s a phone book when you need it?


Rippin’ Off Tom Petty

I hate stories like this. Yes, they are rich rock stars and they can afford to buy any instrument. Yes, most instrument makers are willing to give away equipment just to get the rock star to play it or get their picture taken with it. But what most people may not know is that most of the real artists out there, the ones that have paid their dues and have been around awhile, own one guitar, one bass, one drum kit, an amp, or even a mic that they wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. They record masterpiece rock songs with it. They tour with it. That one instrument is what makes their “sound”.

And then some idiot decides it’s a good idea to bust in and steal it.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were rehearsing for an upcoming tour, and some low life broke into a sound stage and stole 5 guitars. Not just any guitars either.

Last Thursday, someone got into the studio in Culver City and made off with two of Mr. Petty’s prized instruments – a 1967 12-string Rickenbacker electric and a 1965 Gibson electric. Also missing were three other rare guitars belonging to the bassist Ron Blair, the rhythm guitarist Scott Thurston and the lead guitarist Mike Campbell.

To the guy who is sitting in his apartment right now strumming away on the guitar that helped Tom write “Breakdown” and “American Girl”. Watch your back.

A reward is offered for the safe return of the gear.

Update: The guitars are recovered!

Stephen Hawking: Genius?

I’m trying to remember why everyone thinks this guy is so darn smart.

Aliens almost certainly exist but humans should avoid making contact, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.

In a series for the Discovery Channel the renowned astrophysicist said it was "perfectly rational" to assume intelligent life exists elsewhere.

But he warned that aliens might simply raid Earth for resources, then move on.

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans," he said.

Prof Hawking thinks that, rather than actively trying to communicate with extra-terrestrials, humans should do everything possible to avoid contact.

He explained: "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet."

You know, he might be right. Trying to contact aliens might be dangerous. I mean, look what it did for this guy…


And this guy too! Oooh…scary.


Kim Jong Il: Please pay attention to me

Like clockwork, the North Korean regime sends out another “invade us and we’ll nuke you” threat. Same ol’ song and dance.

North Korea on Saturday warned it was prepared to use nuclear weapons if it was invaded by the US and South Korea. The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) carried the remarks by the North’s Joint Chief, General Ri Yong-Ho, during a national meeting on the eve of the birthday of the communist country’s armed forces. ”The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK (North Korea) are fully ready to frustrate any provocation of the aggressors at a single blow,” Ri said. ”They will mobilise all means including the nuclear deterrent.

Theory: Kim reads the internet. He watches a lot of campy Hollywood DVD movies too but that’s beside the point. If he thinks the homeland isn’t getting enough press, he sends out out one of these little nuke rants. Presto, instant newsmaker. Works like a charm. One of the Sunday shows will have it, and it’ll probably play during the press gaggle at the White House on Monday too.


Go back to your lives, citizens.