Glenn Beck Has Gone Off The Deep End

He truly is our modern day Howard Beale. Glenn Beck is so terrified of Donald Trump that he’s resorted to preaching a strange sort of ongoing sermon about how Ted Cruz is “the one”, meaning, he’s some kind of messiah or something. And you better vote for Ted, or you’re an apostate. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against God.

Glenn needs a reality check, and he better be careful before he loses all credibility. Or maybe he already has?

So Awkward

And there’s more.

iCloud Celeb Photo Leak: Absurd Narcissim

This is the world we live in. Ukraine, Syria, Ebola, ISIS, Terrorism, our President without a strategy, and what are we talking about?

Hackers who got into iCloud accounts storing naked pictures of celebrities; naked pictures the celebrities took OF THEMSELVES! 

Stupid. Vacant. Self-serving. Vanity.

When we should be focused on REAL ISSUES that will have a serious impact on our future, our security, and our children, we’re worried about how Jennifer Lawrence is “coping” with this. We’re worried about how Kate Upton will ever recover. 

There are women posting naked pictures of themselves on Twitter and other social media sites, tagging the photo with the hashtag #LeakforJlaw. You know, in support of Jennifer, WHO TOOK PHOTOS OF HERSELF NAKED!

The combined IQ of these people is negative 500. The muffin I ate for breakfast has more intelligence than anyone concerned with this idiotic story.

Shame on us.

That Homeless Guy Who Accepted Miley Cyrus' MTV Award? He's Wanted in Oregon


It was strange enough when Miley Cyrus sent 22-year-old homeless man Jesse Helt onstage at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards to accept her statue for Video of the Year and issue a PSA about the plight of runaway teens in America. Now, two days later, we’re learning that police have a warrant out for Helt in Oregon.

According to The Oregonian, Helt was arrested in 2010 for criminal mischief, criminal trespass and burglary after breaking into the home of a man who he believed sold him bad marijuana. He ended up pleading guilty and serving 30 days in jail for the misdemeanor charges plus a longer term of probation. After he violated that probation in November 2011, police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Helt, who had moved to Los Angeles and was living on the streets as he tried to find work as a model, is reportedly planning to return home to visit his mother yesterday using funds given to him by Cyrus. But when police showed up at his family’s home on Tuesday, they could not find him.

Back on the lamb. Thanks, Miley.

In case you missed the spectacle.

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Rick Perry's "Wanted" T-SHIRT

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The whole thing is so absurd. Why not buy a T-Shirt to commemorate the insanity?

Today's Democrat: Meet Amanda Curtis

As you may have heard, Montana U.S. Senate nominee John Walsh was forced to pull out of the race due to a plagiarism scandal. Democrats were forced to quickly find a replacement candidate. They found a gem.

Meet Amanda Curtis.

In 1:49 seconds, Ms. Curtis mocks gun owners, belittles Christians, minimizes the national debt and proclaims herself an anarchist.

This is today’s Democrat.

Student Suspended After Saying "Bless You"

How many times have you said “Bless You” after hearing someone sneeze? Hundreds of times? People have been saying this for thousands of years. It’s an excepted practice in society. Not so in Dyer County, Tennessee.

When High School senior Kendra Turner uttered the phrase after a classmate sneezed, her teacher said, “we’re not going to have godly speaking in class”. She said that talk was for church.

Turner was sent to see a school administrator and was promptly placed in in-school suspension.

The teacher had a white board posted in the classroom with expressions that are “banned as a part of class rules”. As you can see, the phrase “Bless You” is one of the forbidden sayings.


Turner says she’ll continue to stand up for her faith and her constitutional rights. Turner’s parents say the school leaders claim the outburst was a classroom distraction and that she shouted “bless you” across the room. The Dyer County Schools superintendent has not responded to requests for comment.

Don't Shoot in Ferguson, MO


In Ferguson, MO This is How They Remember Michael Brown

A shrine, made to honor the memory of Michael Brown, the 18 year-old Ferguson, MO resident who was shot by police after a confrontation in front of a convenience store. Mad Dog 20/20. Cough syrup. Various liquor bottles.

This is what is important to Michael’s friends. What a great way to be remembered.


Going to Dubai? You May Want To Leave the Piercings Behind

Planning a vacation to Dubai? If so, you’ll want to remove any piercings on your body that make you look less than human.

Authorities at Dubai International Airport put a German national, named as Rolf Buchholz, back on a flight to where he had come from, preventing him from entering the country. According to a report in Emarat Al Youm, Rolf was sent back to Turkey.

Sources quoted in the report said the man was covered in piercings, holes in his faces and also had two ‘horns’ protruding from his forehead.

People at Dubai International Airport were horrified by his appearance, the report stated.

The man was reportedly coming to Dubai to make an appearance at a night club show which was to have strangest people in the world on display.

Rolf was attending as the person with the most number of holes in the face, ears and other parts of the body – a total of 453.
According to media reports, Rolf is a computer programmer who has had extensive plastic surgery to get this look.

Social media was rife speculation linking Rolf to black magic and Satanists. Rolf was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the world’s most pierced man.

And in case you were wondering what 453 piercings looks like, behold.

IMG 20140817 WA0001

I’m sure his mother loves him.