A Peek Under the Clinton Covers

I just love this kind of stuff.

The New Republic asked supporters, staffers, and others concerned with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to share what they think went wrong in her quest for the nomination. On condition of anonymity, they open up, and the reasons they give for cause of all the turmoil are delicious.

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And There Were Three

Former Republican Bob Barr has announced his intention to run as a Libertarian against McCain and Obama.

Expected to win the nomination of the Libertarian Party when it holds its convention in Denver over the Memorial Day weekend, Barr, 59, criticized Republican John McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, for not being a true conservative.

“There’s not a great deal of substance there in terms of a commitment to cutting the size of government,” Barr said He said no one who had authored the McCain-Feingold campaign reforms that cap individual donations could call himself a conservative, “at least with a straight face.”

Barr also lashed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for saying that if Iran threatens Israel’s existence, the United States should “obliterate Iran.” Calling the New York senator’s statement “tremendously dire,” Barr called the possibility of Iran possessing nuclear weapons “remote” and said he has seen “no evidence that indicates that is an imminent likelihood.”

Saying both the Republican and Democratic Parties have “bought into a system of running a charity called the United States of America,” Barr blasted programs that use public funds to educate the children of illegal immigrants and maintain foreign military bases “that have no more efficacy in the 21st century.”

Contrary to the pundicracy who have already put forth a number of plausible scenarios for Barr’s success, his run is dead on arrival for one simple reason.

The media.

Barr won’t get any face time. He won’t garner the attention of the drive-by media. In short, no one but Barr and his inner circle will know he’s running.

Bob Barr is no Ross Perot. The media will decide if a third party has a real shot at the presidency. It won’t happen in 2008.

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Jeremiah Wright is an Egomaniac

Most “men of the cloth” are humble. Most godly men shun the spotlight, seeking instead to do the work of God as a servant and not the one being served. Most pastors would rather God get the glory than themselves.

And then there’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In a defiant appearance before the Washington media, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said Monday that criticism surrounding his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and he rejected those who have labeled him unpatriotic.

Wright seemed to relish the chance to speak out after weeks of being derided in the press. He reveled in his retorts, high-fiving an audience member, pointing and winking at his supporters and mocking descriptions of him as Obama’s spiritual mentor.

Rev. Wright is playing his 15 minutes for everything he’s got. He’s clearly an extremely arrogant individual. Whatever. What’s isn’t clear is what he thinks he’s accomplishing. Is he trying to derail Obama’s campaign? What else can explain his antics both on TV and today in front of the media at the National Press Club? The man is a wacko, but he’s smart enough to know his words will ultimately have a negative impact on Obama’s candidacy.

My contention is an Obama implosion is good for Wright and the constituency he represents. If Obama is suddenly rejected by the electorate, or the super delegates, Wright can claim that racism is the cause. His career as a “pastor” has been based on promoting the notion that every negative thing a Black man encounters in life is simply racism. It’s his primary message. A catch all excuse. If racism diminishes, or disappears altogether, it’s bad for Wright (and Jesse Jackson…and Al Sharpton, and…). His message becomes irrelevant.

Obama responded, albeit weakly today (surprise surprise), saying ““I think certainly what the last three days indicate is that we’re not coordinating with him, right?” Mr. Obama continued: “He’s obviously free to speak his mind, but I just want to emphasize that this is my former pastor. Many of the statements that he has made both to trigger this initial controversy and that he’s made over the last several days are not statements that I’ve heard him make previously. They don’t represent my views and they don’t represent what this campaign is about.”

This is pure BS. There’s no proof that Wright has just recently become an anti-american bigot. Obama attended his church for 20 years. Not once did he ever hear Wright say anything like what we’ve heard over the past weeks? Heh! Riiiiiiiight. You’re a liar Barack.

I have no doubt that Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president. I also have no doubt that he will lose in November. And he can thank his former pastor for that. Wright has virtually guaranteed that Obama will be the next George McGovern.

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"It's the delegates, period."

The politico outlines three reasons why the Democrats will nominate Barack Obama for president. The question is, why so they wait? They wait because they fear Bill & Hillary Clinton. Wimps.

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The Obligatory PA Primary Post

Hillary wins (yawn).

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton scored a decisive victory over Senator Barack Obama on Tuesday in the Pennsylvania primary, giving her candidacy a critical boost as she struggles to raise money and persuade party leaders to let the Democratic nominating fight go on.

Watching some of the TV pundits tonight, the general reaction was to exalt yet another Clinton comeback. But wasn’t Hillary always suppose to win Pennsylvania? Wasn’t this suppose to be the place where she could easily take Obama? Yes, but oh how easily the MSM forgets that. No, tonight was all about how Hillary won so solidly that she just might win the nomination. Ppptttthhhh.

What we know tonight is what we’ve always known. Hillary won like she was suppose to win. Hillary’s doing what she vowed to do: keep going on to Indiana, North Carolina and all the rest of the primaries. Nothing has changed. Operation Chaos continues.

Move along people…nothing to see here.

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Politics: Clinton Style


The six-week Pennsylvania primary drew to a contentious finish Monday as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked images of Pearl Harbor and Osama bin Laden in a television advertisement that questioned Senator Barack Obama’s ability to lead in a crisis.

As she sought to spark a comeback in the Democratic nominating contest, Mrs. Clinton warned voters not to “take a leap of faith or have any guesswork” when they cast ballots Tuesday.

When you’ve got nothing to say to bolster your own achievements, you cast doubt on the other guy. Classic Clintonianism.

Unfortunately, there’s a certain segment of the electorate that vote out of fear. Mostly it’s misplaced fear, but, it’s fear nonetheless. The Clinton’s know this, and they’ve perfected the politics of fear ever since they conspired to rule together.

Too bad it works.

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Obama Slam

I’m in London, England, so I didn’t get to watch last nights debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, save for some video snippets available on ABC.com. According to some of those who did watch the spectacle, Obama fell victim to the effects of an ABC/Clinton tag team who delivered a sizable can o’ whupass.

Keeping the score card, there’s no way Obama could fared worse. Nearly 45 minutes of relentless political scrutiny from the ABC anchors and from Hillary Clinton, followed by an issues-and-answers session in which his anger carried over and sort of neutered him.

A lot of stuff that Obama doesn’t want Pennsylvanians to think about were the subject of fairly detailed questions. Obama’s supporters are already blaming the “establishment” — that is, the powerful institution of the mainstream media — for the tone of the debate. This sets up a blowback scenario wherein his supporters will rally to his defense and lash out at the media very loudly. But Obama’s going to be the next president of the United States, maybe. The most powerful person in the world. And questions about his personal associations, his character, his personal beliefs, his statements at private fundraisers — the answers to these questions tell us a lot.

Being a supporter of Operation Chaos, I don’t mind the fact that Obama might have had a bad night. Heck, I’m not even a Democrat, so as far as I’m concerned, both Hillary and Barack could fall flat on their face and I’d be happy. Yet, like any God fearing Conservative, I can’t bear the thought of Hillary Clinton being our next president. If that means rooting for Obama, so be it. Do I wish he would have slam dunked Hillary in the debate? Sure. But even if that’s not what happened last night, it’s no matter. Hillary’s bound and determined to play the role of suicide bomber in this primary. Make no mistake about it, she’s packing the proverbial explosives in her vest as we speak. If she doesn’t get the nomination, she’ll blow up the Democratic party in full public view. And I’d pay to watch that.

More: Plenty of folks are ticked off over ABC’s performance in the debate.

Still More: Shales Slams ABC

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Obama Will Lose PA Big

He had a shot, but he blew it, big time. A poll was taken in Pennsylvania over the weekend and Barack Obama’s “bitter” rant has left him 20 points behind Hillary.

Hillary will bang this drum all week. Obama’s stumble has been a gift. It’s reinvigorated her fight. She’s further away from getting out of this race than ever.

More: The poll, explained.

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Coup de Grâce

According to the Scotsman, a plan is in the works. Al Gore and Jimmy Carter are conspiring to deliver a message to Hillary Clinton. They will endorse Barack Obama and encourage Mrs. Clinton to quit her run for the presidency.

Falling poll numbers and a string of high-profile blunders have convinced party elders that she must now bow out of the primary race.

Former president Carter and former vice-president Gore have already held high-level discussions about delivering the message that she must stand down for the good of the Democrats.

“They’re in discussions,” a source close to Carter told Scotland on Sunday. “Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence.”

Whether this is fact or fiction no one knows. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything to happen before the primaries end. That means June at the earliest. Clearly, the DNC doesn’t want a delegate fight at the convention in Denver, so it would make sense to have the two most influential Democrats, and chairman Dean, come out at the conclusion of the primaries on June 4th and let the world know who the nominee will be.

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Poll Crazy

A new AP/Ipsos national poll out today shows that John McCain has erased a 10 point advantage held by Barack Obama which leaves the GOP presumptive nominee tied with both Democratic candidates.

The problem is, none of this is exciting. Why? Because it’s a simple poll. A one time event. A snap shot. Whenever the MSM pushes a poll story you know the political news cycle is weak. That’s what’s happening here. No real news so they create the narrative by pushing this.

Think about how many times this poll can move in the months leading up to the November election and you can understand why I snort at stuff like this.

More: Polls polls polls, everywhere, polls!!!

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