Coup de Grâce

According to the Scotsman, a plan is in the works. Al Gore and Jimmy Carter are conspiring to deliver a message to Hillary Clinton. They will endorse Barack Obama and encourage Mrs. Clinton to quit her run for the presidency.

Falling poll numbers and a string of high-profile blunders have convinced party elders that she must now bow out of the primary race.

Former president Carter and former vice-president Gore have already held high-level discussions about delivering the message that she must stand down for the good of the Democrats.

“They’re in discussions,” a source close to Carter told Scotland on Sunday. “Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence.”

Whether this is fact or fiction no one knows. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything to happen before the primaries end. That means June at the earliest. Clearly, the DNC doesn’t want a delegate fight at the convention in Denver, so it would make sense to have the two most influential Democrats, and chairman Dean, come out at the conclusion of the primaries on June 4th and let the world know who the nominee will be.

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