Can You Help Me Fold This Bible Back Up?

You know how hard road maps can be to fold back up once you’ve opened them up in the car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve folded under when I should have folded over. After awhile it becomes a mindless waste of time, and the map usually ends up ripped in the middle somewhere, torn and tattered.

Well, some brilliant individual decided to create the first ever “Outdoor Bible”, and you guessed it…it’s folded just like a huge road map.


Take a look at the instructions, and this video demonstration. Oh, and did I mention that the edition shown in the picture only contains the Gospels of Matthew and Mark? Assuming they put two books in each product, you’d only need 13 more of these inch thick folding Bibles to own the entire New Testament. 20 more and you could add the Old Testament. Now that’s what I call convenience! Be sure to bring along an extra backpack.

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UPDATE: We get email.

Thanks for the Outdoor Bible plug. I would like to settle some of the ideas you have on the Outdoor Bible.

First… it takes 6 volumes to make up the entire New Testament. Each volume weights about 2 ounces and all six combined equal about an inch in thickness. The advantages of having a modular Bible are many… light weight, slides into your computer bag or backpack, you can give a friend your volume with the book of John and simply replace that single book rather than buying a complete new Bible… if you spill coffee on this Bible you can just wipe it off with a napkin… if your child gets a hold of it no worries is tear-resistant… if you are a resident of a third world country the living environment is very hard on paper books and the Outdoor Bible is able to withstand many of the elements.

However the Outdoor Bible isn’t created to replace the complete bound Bible it is a way to take God’s word with you just about anywhere without it getting destroyed.

Thanks again for the plug.

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Michael Marsee
Bardin & Marsee Publishing

Sounds like a cool product Michael. Thanks -ed.

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