Calls for Impeachment: Don't Go There

The blogosphere is up in arms over an article published yesterday in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin about the U.S. tipping Mexico to Minuteman Patrols. The story, if completely true, is disturbing. It demands further investigation. It demands a response by the president. Hopefully, all this will happen soon and questions will be answered. I’m going to refrain from making up my mind on the whole thing pending further information. I’m not going to go where other bloggers have gone. La Shawn Barber asks “Should George Bush Be Impeached?”, and she’s gone so far as to draft articles of impeachment. Confederate Yankee echoes the call. Bill Quick turned on Bush long before the Daily Bulletin story came out.

Democrats and most modern day liberals, still smarting from the impeachment of Bill Clinton, have been calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush ever since he was elected in 2000. By associating the word impeachment with every allegation made against this president and his administration, the left has cheapened the act. Our founding fathers ensured that the process would be extremely difficult, so as to prevent the removal of a leader for being accused of nothing more than trivial matters of disagreement. Unfortunately, bloggers on the right are now tossing around the word as recklessly as their counterparts on the left. Perhaps their clarion call is nothing more than a competitive attempt to increase their Site Meter stats? In all seriousness, I’m calling for all right sided bloggers to restrain themselves (for now). Let’s get the facts straight before we summon the hangman. 

Calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush right now, today, is irresponsible and wrong. It’s premature. Conservatives have plenty of valid reasons to be upset with the president, his administration and the GOP majority. Let’s discuss those issues and press for answers. But let’s not join arm in arm with the left and carelessly call for the head of our president. Impeachment is too great a consequence to be taken so lightly.

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