Via the UK Sun – Saddam Hussein will be forced to sit in a Hannibal Lecter-style cage during his trial.

“Saddam will be housed in an underground cell and will travel to and from the courtroom cage using an elevator.

When he’s in his cell he will be under 24-hour surveillance by security staff who will watch him from behind a toughened glass shield.”

I can see the protesters now. Free Saddam!! Open the cage!! While I’m sure there will be those that have pity on Saddam-in-the-box, I have to believe that this is more about HIS protection than anything else, and that’s what angers me the most. Millions of dollars are being spent to house, feed, and provide safety to this guy, and for what? Don’t misunderstand me, I’m a rule of law kind of guy and I believe in the court system…IN AMERICA. Outside of our borders, WHAT DO I CARE? Especially for monster dictators like Saddam. Early on I was hoping that a few gutsy Iraqis would catch him before US soldiers did. And frankly, the outcome would have been the same as what is likely to happen after he’s found guilty – he’ll be put to death! One way costs nothing, the other way…well, its costs are already too high to calculate.

Saddam’s victims were given no protection whatsoever. He should receive equal treatment. Ditch the cage and hold the trial out in the open on street in Baghdad. Take the money that would have been spent and put it back into the rebuilding effort. The benefit will outlast any satisfaction an Iraqi might gain in watching this Hollywood production. 

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