But, They're Still Up in Space!

Overreaction or does Houston really have a problem?

NASA says it is grounding future space shuttle flights because foam debris that brought down Columbia is still a risk.

A sizable chunk of foam insulation flew off the shuttle Discovery’s fuel tank during lift off on Tuesday, NASA officials said. They do not believe it hit the orbiter, posing a threat to the seven astronauts when they return to Earth. But they plan a closer inspection of the shuttle to be sure.

They don’t believe it hit the orbiter.

Geez. What about the astronauts that are UP IN THE FREAKING SPACE SHUTTLE RIGHT NOW? They’ve already spent a lot of time examining the shuttle for missing tiles. Can you imagine what they’re feeling? You know they’ve got to be wondering what will happen during their reentry.

What a nightmare.

UPDATE: Yep, just as I thought.

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