British B.O.

All I can say is…eeewwww. This story is icky.

The Tube is Hotter than Miami

The Tube is hotter and more humid than Hong Kong and Miami, an Evening Standard investigation has found. The combination of soaring temperatures and moist air means London commuters are enduring worse conditions than residents in sub-tropical zones.

Heatwave conditions – and trains that are already packed – mean the ” apparent temperature” has soared above 40C (104 F) on many routes.

Commuters called for faster action to solve the heat problem.

Sandra Lindstrom, 23, from Windsor, who commutes on the Circle-line to Kensington, said: “It’s absolutely horrible down here. I wouldn’t travel on the Tube if I could avoid it but I can’t.”

On the Northern line, Nicole McArthur, a chartered accountant who works near Liverpool Street, said: “It’s sweltering down here. It amazes me that so many people leave their jackets on. It takes just two stops and you’re sweating profusely.”

This is just as bad as it sounds. I’ve been in London during the summer, and I can state with a matter of fact that it gets stifling hot in the tube. What’s worse is the air that does blow down there is hot…I’m mean sweaty hot air. It’s bad, way bad.

And well, trying not to be too general here – some people are more hygienic than others, and every time I’ve been in London, it seems like I’ve travelled on the subway with those who aren’t so hung up about daily bathing. Combine that with 104 degrees + humidity and you’re as close to being in hell as any living being can be.

Did I mention that many people stand and hold on to the bar…above their heads…meaning that their arms are up and well…

OK, I’m gonna hurl.

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