BREAKING: Hannah Montana Using Body Double!

From the Associated Press no less. Maybe they still have some left over interns working from the holiday break or something, but for whatever reason, this story is making headlines today.

It was ever so brief, but the use of a body double by Miley Cyrus on her best-selling “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus ‘Best of Both Worlds'” tour is creating plenty of buzz.

A video posted on YouTube shows the 15-year-old entertainer as “Hannah” dancing onstage with a group of dancers and the Jonas Brothers, also on the tour. During the song, someone ushers her offstage via a trap door. Immediately, another girl dressed like the character “Hannah” in the same pink trench coat with blonde hair covering her faces dances around, runs up the stage set, and then quickly leaves.

While the double is holding a microphone for her less than a minute, the girl motions like she is singing. However, a rep for Miley said the switch was only for costume purposes.

“To help speed the transition from Hannah to Miley, there is a production element during the performance of ‘We Got the Party’ incorporating a body double for Miley,” according to statement Friday from the public relations firm PMK.

Speaking from an authority position here, I know what Hannah Montana is all about, since I have 4 children in my house who regularly watch the Disney Channel produced show. Anyone attending a Miley Cyrus concert is expecting it to be just like the TV show. They are looking for lots of production. They’re looking for lots of dancers on stage. Heck, they could probably care less if the entire show is prerecorded with actors onstage mouthing everything. They’re attending to watch an extension of the TV show. They aren’t there to judge if someone is playing the exact guitar notes blaring through the PA system. This costume change controversy is nothing of the sort. Hello? The fans don’t care. They’re a bunch of 8 to 12 year-old’s whose parents still pay for everything they consume. End of story.

It must be Friday.

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