Bob Novak: Crack Baby

“There never were WMD’s”.

Nice going, Bob.

Novak’s ‘Plame Fame’ is fading now that the world knows there are few revelations left to be uncovered. If he’s to continue to command as much camera time as he’s become accustomed to, Bob realizes he must keep controversy alive. He’s got to be saying things. He’s got to be breaking news. He’s got to be the center of attention.

Bottom line – Bob Novak got a taste of what it’s like to be Bob Woodward, and like a crack addict, Novak’s got to have more, More, MORE!!!

So, this comment about his sources telling him there never were weapons of mass destruction is really just Novak feeding the monkey on his back.

Let’s hope the Republicans at FOXNews can do an intervention on Bob and bring him back to reality. 


  1. DocAmazing says:

    Reality? FOX News?

    Oh, that was a good one, Pundit Guy!
    gigglegiggle HAHAHAHA!


  2. CrackBerries says:

    Dr. WMD was freed by the Iraqi courts the day Plame posed for ‘TIME.’ Not much difference if you really want to know, that is probably why the Deputy Director FSB ‘made’ it all, including Rice and the Universities.

    So, two untouchables, part of a group the ‘Iraqi police – counter insurgent – patriots’ sided with early on…….. go on to win over Congress.

    There probably are already bad ones in the Congress’s new ‘investigative (oversight) agency.’

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