Jeez. They just don’t get it.

Hardblogger, Mike Moran, commenting on the recent Eason Jordan fall from grace:

"But this latest instance of demonstrates the dangers of combining the unfettered, unaccountable blogosphere with “main stream” journalism institutions that react slavishly to share prices and are suffering through crises of confidence (ala CNN) or integrity (ala The New York Times and CBS). While it remains unclear if Jordan jumped or was pushed from his Atlantan heights, what is clear is that CNN is a lesser place without him, and the quality of political debate in the United States will likely deteriorate further, as well."

The rest of the article is just more of the same. Bloggers=evil. Jordan? A hapless victim of the "Taliban of the American Media".

Looks like the blogosphere will continue babysitting the MSM for quite awhile.