Blanco: I'm a Survivor


In a tear-streamed press conference Tuesday, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco reassured state citizens that “It took a lot of time curled up on the couch with Lifetime TV and Hagen-Daaz, but I am going to get through this.”

“I’ve heard all the petty, nasty comments,” said Blanco, wiping a tear on the lapel of her robe. “Why don’t you do something? Make a decision, people are dying. Put on a little makeup, you could be almost as pretty as Mary Landrieu.”

“Well, let me tell you something, Kathleen Blanco is a survivor,” she said. “And I promise the people of Louisiana that I will refuse to beat myself up over this.”

Blanco Spokesman Jodie Edwards said the governor would return to the statehouse in Baton Rouge today to lobby the legislature to change the official state song to “I Will Survive,” the 1979 Gloria Gaynor disco classic.

One of twelve ‘Nawlins News Niblets‘ from Dave.

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