Bitter Brown

When you get canned from a job, you’re usually unhappy and ready to tell the world about how much you think your employer and its industry stinks.

It’s Aaron Brown’s moment.

The anchorman whose boss once characterized him as ice compared with his successor’s fire was anything but chilly in the impassioned speech he delivered Tuesday at The Society of the Four Arts.

“Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news,” said Aaron Brown, whose four-year period as anchor of CNN’s NewsNight ended in November, when network executives gave his job to Anderson Cooper in a bid to push the show’s ratings closer to front-runner Fox News.

Brown said he tried to give viewers a balanced diet of light and serious news with NewsNight. “But I always knew when I got to the Brussels sprouts, I was on thin ice,” he said.

Balanced – heh. The world remains an unfocused place when you view it from within the MSM bubble.

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