Bill Nye the Activist Guy?

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a new program being promoted by my local Seattle PBS TV station (KCTS) called, “The Eyes of Nye“. While the show website is typically cartoony in its design, the new program isn’t just targeted to kids. Bill Nye is going after adults too, with this revealing description.

“Bill is back with The Eyes of Nye, a more in-depth look at science topics that are making news, changing lives, and impacting policy.” (emphasis mine -ed.)

Aside from seeing Bill on episodes of “Almost Live“, I’ve not spent a lot of time watching his kids show. It is obviously very popular. I mean, any TV show that has its own drinking game has got to be exceptional.

Anytime I see a PBS produced program with the word “policy” in its description, I know what I’m in for. The telecast (or radio broadcast from NPR) will (99.99% of the time) permeate with a liberal slant, and any educational content will have to be filtered out from that perspective. Its a sad reality really, since I enjoy watching most PBS documentaries and educational television. The production quality is always top notch (and it should be, given the millions in tax dollars gobbled up by public television each year).

It’s hard to tell if “The Eyes of Nye” is just another science related TV show, or if it’s just another vehicle for leftist propaganda. On the one hand, you’ve got episodes that deal space exploration, how electricity works, and the interoperability of molecules. But the next minute you’re faced with topics that include sex, addiction and cloning (not in that order). The topics themselves aren’t evil. They only become dangerous when paired with a covert leftist agenda. The slipping in of biased liberal thinking is an art perfected by those who run PBS, especially if one isn’t concentrating on the words that are used. Adults can miss this stuff, and kids are defenseless from it.

As for Bill Nye, he has been known to hang in Democratic party circles and is often hired on as the entertainer for events sponsored by liberal organizations. He received his indoctrination early, attending Sidwell Friends School, the Washington DC institution made famous during the Clinton years when Bill and Hillary enrolled Chelsea there. I can’t say I’d be surprised if Mr. Nye came out as a flaming liberal.

As much as I’d like to give this show the benefit of the doubt, I have to continue to approach it and every “educational” program on television with the “Trust but Verify” standard. I’ll keep watching the program to see if my built-in liberalism detector picks up any propaganda. I sure hope we don’t witness “The Eyes of Nye” slip into the same trap which recently befelled our friend Buster, who went looking for his two mommies. That would truly be a shame.

Bill, be sure to stick to factual science and leave any personal theories at home. Don’t let the suits at PBS shape your programming either. If you stick to the truth, you’ll live long and prosper. You’ll also be guaranteed a welcome entry into my home.

UPDATE: I had to shut down the comments section because a few socialist trolls couldn’t behave and carry on a calm, intelligent conversation. Pity.

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