Bill Kristol Fails to Use Proper Punctuation!

The lefty blogs are salivating over an article today by Bill Kristol that states Barack Obama was in the audience on a date certain listening to one of the highly publicized incendiary sermons delivered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The fact is, Obama attended Wright’s church for over 20 years. And in that time, it’s highly likely that Obama listened to one of Wright’s anti-American diatribes. Whether he was there on this exact day or that day matters not. It’s a silly debate. Obama agreed with Wright’s beliefs simply by remaining in membership at his church.

Yet, leave it to the left to hand wring and shout their “Ah-HA’s” from the rooftop, as if they’ve finally uncovered another piece of evidence proving the existence of that vast right wing conspiracy.


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  1. Send this video to others: Shame On Joe Scarborough, MSM & Obama the way they reacted to Rev. Wright’s 9/11 comments Part 1

    The American people don”t deserve to be manipulated and lied to

  2. Uh, the thing is that several conservative blogs were calling him a liar for saying he didn’t hear that particular speech, and they claimed that this Newsmax report proved that Obama was a liar. So, you know, a lot of people pointed out that, no, he wasn’t actually there, and that William Kristol once again wrote easily-debunked nonsense in the Times.

  3. Uh, more than several lefties have been saying that obama is a racial healer. So, you know, several people have been pointing out that he is definitely not, as evidenced by the fact that he did NOTHING to heal anything for twenty years at his own church.

  4. Uh, he’s not the pastor, so I don’t know what sort of “racial healing” he’s supposed to do, but perhaps you’ve got some ideas on what his obligations are on that front. But, again, what’s being pointed out today is that, no, he wasn’t in the audience for that particular speech, so although he certainly realizes his pastor has a tendency to spout out Book of James-esque poverty pestering, he’s not lying about having attended on that day, and thus the conservatives who claimed he was lying are wrong, and William Kristol has once again reported a factual inaccuracy.

  5. The wingnut hit job was deflected todsy. Thank you Kristol. You are a god send.

    Obama/Gore 08.

  6. Thank God for Bill Kristol, reassuring liberals everywhere that conservatives really are vacuous blowhards.

  7. What’s the big deal about getting the date wrong? surely the story is right anyways! stupid liberals.

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