Bill Clinton Should Keep His Mouth Shut

What ever happened to the tradition that ex-presidents keep their political opinions out of the press after they leave office?

It was put into a brown paper bag, lit on fire, laid on the doorstep of the MSM, and promptly stomped out by them after Bill Clinton rang the doorbell.

I don’t understand why George W. Bush even allows this guy to come back into the Oval Office, let alone the White House grounds. Ah yes, it’s because Bush honors and respects the Office of the Presidency, something Bill Clinton spit on cheapened years ago.

His latest shuck and jive was given to Ladies Home Journal. In an article due next month, Clinton says the U.S. is likely to lose in Iraq.

“The odds are not great of our prevailing there.”

Clinton calls the Iraq war “a quagmire” and warns “it could go wrong.”

“Since the end of World War II, the only major foreign power that succeeded in putting down an insurgency was the British putting down the Malay insurgency, but the British stayed 15 years.”

“So you can say for historical reasons, the odds are not great of our prevailing there,” he argued.

And then we get this panic stricken statement from a staff member who spoke to the New York Daily News:

“President Clinton has always been clear that there are reasons for optimism and that there clearly are reasons for concern with the current situation in Iraq. But no one has been clearer than President Clinton about the necessity of winning now that we are there.”

Yet two weeks ago, in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week”, he suggested that the Iraq war was illegitimate.

I’ve never known anyone who is as hell-bent to stay relevant than Bill Clinton. And while he remains a darling of the MSM, he’ll always find a willing outlet who will trip over themselves to broadcast his next round of flatulence.

Yet no matter how hard he tries to be the international elder statesman, and no matter how often he points his finger and blames the Bush administration of ineptness, he cannot, and he will not be able to shake off what history will say about his presidency.

Bill Clinton’s legacy will be forever mired in failure and scandal.


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