Bill Clinton Must Be Seeing Another Woman

Or, perhaps this is just a continuation of the pay-back he owes Hillary from the Monica days. Whatever it is, when Bill Clinton says things like this, you know he’s working off a sin.

Clinton: Hillary Would Be Better President

Former President Clinton said in an interview Friday that he believes his wife would do a better job than he did in the nation’s highest office.

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has not said whether she plans to run in Nonetheless, her husband told Israel’s Channel Two television that her experience as first lady would help make her a strong president.

“In some ways she would be (better) because of what we did together,” he said from New York. “First, she has the Senate experience I didn’t have. Second, she would have had the eight years in the White House.”

“I think she wouldn’t make as many mistakes because, you know, we’re older and more mature, and she is far more experienced now in all the relevant ways than I was when I took office,” he added. “So I think in a way she has the best of both worlds.”

Don’t you just love the way he uses phrases like “because of what we did together” and “we’re older and more mature”? Bill is just aching to be a co-president again, and due to that bothersome 22nd Amendment, his only hope is Hillary. Like a puppy begging for scraps at the dinner table, Bill Clinton is on his hind legs batting those blue eyes and dreaming of a cabinet post. How pathetic.

Regardless of what Bill thinks, what the MSM reports, and the giddiness of the Left – Is America really ready and willing to elect “Clinton – Part Deux”?

Don’t bet on it.

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