Best Xmas Lights Display in the World

Hands down, this is the most amazing, creative and well executed Christmas lighting display I’ve ever seen. Prepare to be amazed. I wouldn’t want to see the electricity bill though…

Video here.

Another show here.

UPDATE: The Party’s Over, but you can relive the magic yourself. After you buy your way to the magic, here’s the setup instructions.

UPDATE II: Radio interview with Carson Williams, owner of the home. (mp3) | Today Show interview (video) | 26,000 Christmas Lights |

UPDATE III: Think you’re serious about Christmas lights? Then go visit the Lights! Lights! Lights! bulletin board, where there are plenty more people like you, talking about…lights.

FINAL UPDATE: If you’re tired of Christmas Lights, why not try Bunnies? Oh, and this is great too.


  1. MikeTheLibrarian says:

    Good lord, I would hate to be that person’s neighbor.

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