Barbra Streisand Needs a History Lesson

I’ll never understand why the Left gives this lady so much credit.

Barbra Streisand uses a portion of her website to post “blog like” statements, which are most often anti-Bush, anti-Conservatism, and in some ways, anti-American.

Problem is, she has no credibility.

In this post, she tries to highlight the anniversary of a certain event:

Posted on August 5, 2005

August 6, 2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the US bombing of Hiroshima. The Atomic Bomb, which decimated the Japanese city and its people, was never used in combat again.

What’s wrong with this picture?

She claims that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was never used in combat again. Oh really!

This would be a surprise to the people of Nagasaki, bombed 11AM on August 9, 1945.  Japan surrendered on August 15.


Stick to making music Babs. That way, you won’t have to recite history, spell, or do that ‘new’ math.