Baghdad ER

I have an entirely new appreciation for our troops today as a result of watching this show on HBO last night.


12-time Emmy Award winner producer/director Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill capture the humanity, hardships and heroism of the US Military and medical personnel of the 86th Combat Support Hospital, the Army’s premier medical facility in Iraq. Sometimes graphic in its depiction of combat-related wounds, BAGHDAD ER offers an unflinching and honest account of the realities of war.

It’s one thing to read about stuff like this, it’s quite another to view it, uncut. Quite a few points struck me as I watched…

…The amount of dedication the medical staff put into each and every casualty, no matter if the patient was American or Iraqi.

…The emotion felt between soldiers when one of their buddies dies.

…The difficult job done by the Army Chaplain which requires a gentle spirit 24/7.

…The sense of mission in each injured soldier, and their unwavering desire to rejoin their fellow troops as soon as possible.

If you have HBO and didn’t get a chance to view the program, you’ll have another opportunity over Memorial Day weekend. It’s well worth your time.

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