As the Rove World Turns

The best part of this whole story is the comment section on A bonafide train wreck. Go, sit back, read and enjoy the implosion.

UPDATE: Time to eat crow.


  1. jd watson says:

    It’s the Lawrence O’Donnell style of web journalism:
    “All right. Good. Listen, there’s a different standard for posting. This is a posting on the Huffington Post, okay? I had no substantive facts on the matter … I would not have written what I wrote in the L.A. Times or the New York Times. I wouldn’t do that. But in a post on a website that is a blog, this is exactly the kind of question you’re supposed to ask, and you ask those questions so that the media will read that, it’ll provoke them to ask the questions, which is exactly what has happened. And yes, for Howie Kurtz, yes, I think assumptions are exactly the standard for website blogs, yes.” (2-15-06)

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