Arrest Him Now

This man is dangerous.

HATE-filled Omar Bakri Mohammed sparked new outrage yesterday by admitting he would NOT tell police if he knew extremists were planning suicide bomb attacks.

The firebrand Islamic cleric told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “If I know anybody who wants to take any action in this country, I will stop him.”

But he added: “No, I will never go to police.”

Bakri, 45, of Edmonton, North London, refused to condemn the 7/7 attacks.

He said: “Muslims are obliged to defend themselves. For them to do operations among people with whom they live side to side, Islam forbids that.

“You need yourself to leave them and live very far away from them and then fight them, that is what I believe.”

He claimed he had helped protect Britain from Islamic extremists.

But he added: “Unfortunately, after we have been banned from any activities we become completely isolated from the youth. And the youth start to go forward to somebody else abroad.”

The Sun has called for Bakri, who openly says he hates Britain but is happy to live on state handouts, to be deported.

As long as there are people like Omar Bakri Mohammed, bombs will continue to go off aboard Tube carriages and double-decker buses.

He must be stopped.

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