Are Democrats Getting It?

There have been a rush of “The Hillary Problem” stories from the MSM lately. The latest comes from New York Magazine and the Washington Post. It seems as though the DNC doubters are getting their fears published. That’s good. The liberal Hillary must be exposed.

The sooner Americans realize a Hillary presidency brings a return of Lanny Davis, Paul Begala, Albright, Cohen, Berger, Carville, Lewis, Ickes, Conason, Press, Sid Blumenthal, Rahm Emanuel, Mickey Kantor, Bruce Lindsey, Cheryl Mills, Gorelick, Quinn, ad nauseum, the better.

I, for one, can’t believe we’re ready to relive the 90’s. Nor do I believe the electorate will enthusiastically continue the streak of Bush I, Clinton, Clinton, Bush II, Bush II, Clinton.

Wait for 2012, Jeb.

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