Arafat Burial

Cliff May (over at The Corner) has this to say. He’s dead on.

The MSM is attempting to make the case that there is a serious controversy over where Arafat should be buried. Arafat’s supporters want him to be buried in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

It won’t happen. It can’t happen.

Arafat never made peace with Israel. He never accepted the existence of the Jewish state. He never seriously renounced terrorism against Israelis. He supported, incited, financed and ordered terrorism against Israeli children as long as he could.

If Ariel Sharon – or any Israeli leader – were to permit Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem – how would he explain that to Arafat’s surviving victims – the burned, the crippled, the scarred-for-life, the maimed? How would he explain that to the families of the victims who did not survive Arafat’s murderous attacks – to the widows, the orphans?

And how would he explain that to the next group of victims who will be murdered, maimed and crippled by suicide bomber acting in Arafat’s name?

The answer is: It could not be explained. It could not be justified.

Also: Americans should remember this: Arafat is the Godfather of modern terrorism.

He pioneered the art and science of the murder of innocent civilians for political benefit way back in the 1960s — with plane hijackings and the murder of American diplomats.

Then, on a September day his organization arranged for the massacre of Israeli athletes who had gone to Munich to compete in the Olympics

For that, Arafat was not punished. He was legitimized, rewarded and celebrated. The road from there to another September day, 29 years later, was being paved.

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