Apple Envy

So, I’m sitting at work today, plugging away on “things” when all of a sudden, I get an email from Apple. “Ah, well, let’s see what this is about”, I say. I open the email and there it is.


Yeah, that’s the new iMac. Pretty, isn’t it? Well, after gazing at that conveniently delivered email from my friends at Apple, and then clicking like a good doobie over to the website to get a closer look, I became frustrated. Not with the design of the website. Not with the cool-ly embedded Quicktime video demonstration. No, those were just great. What i was frustrated with was Apple, and their release cycle. Why, you ask? It’s because I bought an Intel iMac back in February 2006, and today, that machine is old. Old because it only has one core. Old because it only came with 250GB of drive space. Old because it can only handle 2GB of RAM. And that got me thinking about my Macbook Pro that I got in July of 2006, only to have the Core 2 Duo Intel Macbook Pro’s ship two months later in September. I don’t fault Apple for their innovation. Heck, that’s why I bought a Mac. What’s frustrating is the thought of throwing down a couple of thousand dollars for a machine only to find out that in a few months a newer, more powerful machine is available for the same price. At this rate, the iMac that shipped today will be outdated in November when (alongside the release of Leopard), Steve Jobs says “oh, and one more thing” as he unveils a new Quad Core iMac that comes standard with 1 Terabyte of drive space. Watch…it’ll happen.

I know I’m just whining because I don’t have the moolah to send to Cupertino. But I wonder if I’m alone in feeling just a bit miffed at these rather frequent machine upgrades?

Oh, and one more thing. I bought my iPod color 20GB version from the Apple store one day. Guess what came out the next day? iPod Video.