I myself like Starbucks. Mostly I like their consistency. No matter where I travel in the world, it won’t take me too long to find my quadruple shot short Americano “home”.

Well, some people HATE Starbucks for the very reason I like them. They hate the fact that there are over 6,000 stores now. If you’ve joined the Anti-Starbucks army, you’ll love this site.


Just put in your zip code, and they’ll find you an old fashioned independently owned coffee house that hasn’t sold out to the man.


  1. thanks for posting

  2. David Ross says:

    Yeah, thanks! Unfortunately I live in Houston, where the traffic is awful, and I’m on the edge of it while most of the coffee houses are in the artsy / gay district downtown. So “ten miles” for them means something like 40 minutes for me. Still, there’s at least one that I can try (although it seems to be a restaurant mostly).

  3. My Digital Story says:

    BlogStroll #1

    I have decided to pay weekly homage to those blogs under my Blogroll. I will be featuring some of the best bits of their blog posts under a regular, err, feature. I call it BlogStroll. Here come’s the first installment

  4. starbucks is good but i can make it just as good on my own.

  5. I have major problems with Starbucks that I won’t repeat here as most of them have already been addressed and repeated by countless others.

    Beyond what the evil empire of Starbucks represents and their adverse effects upon the small mom and pop coffee houses, the fact of the matter is that consumers purchase their products.

    Criticize the corporate machine and its nefarious business practices all you want but the real blame should be directed to those consumers who support the Starbucks regime.

    Starbucks is not at fault for providing products that consumers purchase. It’s the consumers who are at fault for perpetuating Starbucks existence.

  6. I hope every Starbucks somehow burns to the ground! I am a disgruntilled X-“partner.” I once was a great fan of the company in my ignorance. I liked every drink there and I also liked talking to the costomers. For over 2 years I tried to get a job with those corporate bastards and when I finally got one, they screwed me! I was with them for about 2 months. I did my job to the absolute best of my abilities, but my efforts were in vain! I was wrongfully accused of steeling about $2000.00. I have never stole anything in my life! I am a Christian and don’t believe in steeling, but one day when I was working I was suddenly interigated by these P.O.S Nazis. Aparently I had been “hooking people up” by giving .50 refills intead of charging customers the regular $5.00 per cup of coffee. In one case I supposedly “hooked people up” with about 25 consecutive refills, which would be quite unusual and memorable, but I had no memory of this and I know I didn’t do that. The Starbucks Nazi’s said they had more “evidence” and could “burn more trees” (trasaction print outs), but the would rather me confess to commiting a crime that I didn’t commit. I didn’t confess and at one point of the interigation I started laughing histarically at this shamefull act, but all in all my final words were “You have really hurt my feelings,” which is still true. I was put on suspention for a week and then the DM called me in to the Starsucks, so that the store manager do her dirty work and “seperate” from me, but I had my letter of resignation typed and handed it to the store manager before he had a chance to.
    This mallicious attack happened to at least 3 other co-“partners” at my store and the Nazi’s said that they go through these interigations frequently, but I heard from an authoritative source whom I shall remain nameless that the Nazi’s are frequently wrong. I am expecting an apology for this insult and hope that people will join the Anti-Starsucks army!

  7. Helpfull tips when considering going to Starsucks

    1. Save your Starsucks cup and bring it next time and try getting as many refills off it as possible. This should work on busy times when the baristas and cashiers are too stressed out to care or remember anyway.
    2. Order a tall steamed breva (Half & Half) and an add shot. This will really screw with those P.O.S Nazi’s.
    3. Warn Starsucks customers not to order anything with ice in it. Many of there ice machines have a large amount of nasty mold and or bacteria growing in them.
    4. Warn Starsucks customers not to order any beverage with steemed milk on a busy day. Baristas are in way to much of a hurry to continiously wash and sanitize the metal pitchers that the milk is steemed in. This breeds Bacteria and could kill someone!
    5. Warn Starsucks customers not to order cream based berages (Vanilla bean, Double Chocolate Chip, Green tea and other crapochinos) and others. These drinks have partially hydroginated gabadge in them that causes celulite and other health problems
    6. Order extra whipcream on everything. It’s free to you, but costs Starsucks money. They even give you a cup of whipcream if you ask.
    7. more to follow…

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