Another Fishing Trip

The ‘hearings happy’ Dems go after Don Rumsfeld and Gen. Richard Meyers today, hoping to prod and probe their way to something, anything, that might implicate the White House in the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

While it’s clear that some information was withheld early on, I’m of the opinion that the reason for holding back details was due to the secrecy behind the mission Tillman and his comrades were carrying out on that day in April 2004. Now, should DOD officials have been more forthcoming the moment they discovered that Tillman was killed by friendly fire? Of course. Should they have informed the family immediately? Yes. Does the Tillman family deserve to know everything about the fate of their son? Absolutely. But how will calling up Rumsfeld, the equivalent of Satan to most Liberals, profit anyone but the Democrats, politically, at this time? It’s self serving and dishonoring to the memory of Tillman, the war hero.