Another Disaster

So far, we know that hundreds have died as a result of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake near the Pakistan-India border. The death toll, currently 3,000, will no doubt climb higher, due to the weak infrastructure in the area

In terms of relief, this disaster (so far) hasn’t suffered from bureaurocratic dysfunctionality, as we saw immediately after Hurricane Katrina. According to early reports, relief efforts began within ‘minutes’.

Political tensions between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region took a back seat Saturday as Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to offer help. Musharraf thanked him for his offer.

Musharraf called the quake “a major catastrophe” and said that “relief efforts began minutes” after it happened.

Pakistan’s military spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan told CNN it was the largest relief operation the country has ever mobilized.

Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, water, food and a lot of help were arriving from all over the country and overseas, said Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

“The government has moved quickly, and we hope that we can minimize the losses,” he said.

The United States, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Japan, the United Nations and non-governmental humanitarian groups have marshaled resources to help the region.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ‘disastered out’. My brain just can’t handle another week of tragedy TV coverage. Pleas for relief help. Geraldo types sensationalizing the destruction.

I just can’t do ‘it’ anymore.


  1. Confederate Yankee says:

    Judgement Day

    Brietbart is currently showing that the 7.6 magnitude earthquake centered near the Pakistan-Kashmir border may have killed thousands: A devastating earthquake triggered landslides, toppled an apartment building and flattened villages of mud-brick homes…

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