Animals, Gut Piles, Barbecues and Firepower

Guess who’s playing at the Montana State Fair tonight?

“As soon as someone wants to ban perfection, I have to squash ’em,” he said with a laugh. “I have to just crush ’em, and I crush ’em by promoting the beauty and the perfection of hunting, fishing and trapping and the Second Amendment.

“I have a standard policy that any time I hear the words ‘animal’ and ‘rights’ in the same sentence, I’m killing a hundred of something, and it brings them much, much anguish, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”


The Motor City Madman warns tonight’s fairgoers to be ready for a wild show that will include Black Panther military weapons on stage.

“There’ll be no Montana State Fair like this one, I promise you,” he said.


It’s a beautiful thing.

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