Andy and his Tin Foil Hat

Andrew Sullivan comments on the lack of publicized evidence which led British and U.S. authorities to bust-up a terror plot whose trigger was to be pulled today (allegedly, of course). Never mind that the investigation is still ongoing. Never mind that tools used to uncover the plot are classified. Now, because neither government has presented to Sir Andy any evidence supporting the contention that such a plot was indeed imminent, he’s become a skeptic.

And a conspiracy theorist.

I wonder if Lieberman’s defeat, the resilience of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the emergence of a Hezbollah-style government in Iraq had any bearing on the decision by Bush and Blair to pre-empt the British police and order this alleged plot disabled. I wish I didn’t find these questions popping into my head. But the alternative is to trust the Bush administration.

It appears as though Mr. Sullivan has been reading Daily Kos a bit more than usual. His transformation into full brotherhood with the clan o’ Michael Moore is nearly complete.

How soon before we read an article on how 9/11 was sponsored by the U.S. government, Andrew?

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