And Then There Were Two

John Edwards joined Rudy Giuliani and gave up the fight today.

Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race Wednesday, ending a scrappy underdog bid in which he steered his rivals toward progressive ideals while grappling with family hardship that roused voters’ sympathies, The Associated Press has learned.

The two-time White House candidate notified a close circle of senior advisers that he planned to make the announcement at a 1 p.m. EST event in New Orleans that had been billed as a speech on poverty, according to two aides. The decision came after Edwards lost the four states to hold nominating contests so far to rivals who stole the spotlight from the beginning — Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

The former North Carolina senator will not immediately endorse either candidate in what is now a two-person race for the Democratic nomination, said one adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity in advance of the announcement. Clinton said Edwards called her Wednesday night to inform her about his decision.

There’s one reality in campaigning. It’s all about the money, and if you’re spending your own, you better have a ton of it. If you’re dependent upon contributors, they’ll tell you if you’re winning or not. John Edwards’ supporters told him they were done.

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