And Now For Something Completely Different


I got an Apple TV for my birthday. It arrived last night. I love it. Here’s why:

— Installation took less than 5 minutes. I plugged the device into my Phillips 37″ LCD HDTV using the HDMI connection. For audio to my Denon 1801 AVR, I used an optical toslink cable. Apple TV found my wireless network immediately. After inputting my WEP password, I was connected.

— I paired Apple TV with an iMac located at the opposite end of my house. It’s furthest away from the device, but the streaming quality from my iTunes library was excellent. In no time at all I was watching movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes. Even the standard definition picture quality was great.

— I subscribed to a few of the free HD video podcasts offered from iTunes, and the picture quality was awesome. And there’s tons of these things, providing free content.

— And of course, there’s YouTube. I’ve often wished I could sit in my living room and browse YouTube and view video on my flat screen TV. Now, with Apple TV, I can.

I’m not an Apple employee, and I’m not a crazed fanboy. I’m a technology enthusiast and gadget freak. And let me tell you…this gadget is worth gettin’ freaky over.

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