An Important Moment for John McCain

Thanks to a civilized Republican presidential primary season, presumed GOP nominee John McCain was able to take advantage of the time before the general election to visit key allies in Europe this week, and even drop in to Iraq to meet with U.S. military leaders.

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that McCain has linked his political future to U.S. success in the country. It’s important for him to thoroughly understand the conditions on the ground, to understand the political challenges in addition to the ongoing security threat that fills the daily news cycle. McCain’s claim that he’ll keep a U.S. presence in Iraq for the next 100 years has been looked upon in disgust by the Democratic candidates and the liberal media. If he intends to keep up that message he needs to know more about Iraq than anyone in Washington, or at least lay claim to that.

This much is clear – while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hurl charges of racism at one another, a spotlight shines brightly on their lack of experience to be commander-in-chief. That spotlight is John McCain, who’s foreign policy credentials gain gravitas by the day.

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  1. A better title for this article might be Grandpa visits the troops…

  2. So staged photo shoots in Iraq = gravitas?


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