An Actual Tsunami and the Threat of a Tsunami

Apparently, that’s what it takes to put together a tsunami warning system in India.

Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal has told NDTV that a state-of-the-art tsunami warning system will be soon put in place in the country.

The proposed Rs 125 crore project, which has already been approved by the government, would give India the capability to know of a possible tsunami in five to 10 minutes.

“If we can buy and get the technology in place quickly, at least we will be able to tell if a tsunami is on its way so that we can inform our people,” Sibal said.

Sibal also said this system would be more efficient then the already existing Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning System located in the Pacific Ocean.

Though the state and the Central governments reacted promptly to the latest quake off Sumatra, predicting a natural calamity continues to be a challenge to scientists.

Now, how long will it take them to put this into action? Governments do nothing quickly. Hopefully, there won’t be another disaster in the meantime.

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