All Is Forgiven

That’s what I predict the reaction will be to Obama’s hands across America speech. The media, glowing in wonderment, will lead out in a unified rendition of Kumbiya. Democrats in congress will rush to Obama’s side. The cable shows will once again anoint “the one”.

Mark it.

Truth be told – it wasn’t a bad speech. It had its moments. Of course, it was chock-full of feel good gobbledygook. If you were at all confused about Obama’s liberalism, you won’t be today. The speech was peppered with classic leftist thought. Dependence on the power of the State; People aren’t individuals, they are groups; The glorification of a secular society; etc. But, I digress. The message was unmistakably about race.

And the funny thing is, Obama tried to come out initially as the candidate who transcended race. Today, he’s the candidate of race. He is, race.

Isn’t it ironic?

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