Air Force: "All Blogs are Bad!"

That’s not their official position, but for mostly logical reasons, the Air Force has decided to block blogs its troops can read. Blogs that actually have the word “blog” in the web address are a primary target. This move has drawn the ire of many officials who think the whole policy is “utterly stupid”.

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  1. Good Grief, this story or the issue of Air Force blocking blogs just made it to the Coast Guard end of the blogosphere. At our end of internet, we have not all been blocked as of yet, but rumblings inside Coast Guard Headquarters point in that direction. We have uncovered what has been labeled the “ugly underbelly” of the Coast Guard and report on issues they sooner not have discussed. Of the three main blogs,, and two others we take on issues that otherwise would not be discussed at the level and with the sources inside the Coast Guard we use.

    As the Coast Guard tries to come to grips with its new and increased missions since 911, along with its increased funding, we have much to report on. From the failed 27 billion dollar acquisition portfolio to upgrade the Coast Guard’s aged and deteriorating fleet of ships and aircraft, to a base infrastructure that is largely made up of base hand-me-downs from the other services, they have much to do. Coast Guards 27 billion dollar acquisition portfolio is still being managed today by an Admiral with ZERO professional acquisition training, qualifications or certifications. Why the congress let alone the Commandant of the Coast Guard don’t tackle that easy fix is beyond anything anyone outside the Coast Guard can fathom.

    Good Luck Bloggers!

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