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Not kidding. The president of Iran has a blog. It’s right here [Update – LGF reports the possibility that Mahmoud’s blog is a security risk for IE users.]. It’s got an RSS feed and everything. It’s also multilingual, so even us western dogs can read the thoughts of this modern day Hitler.

No blogads yet (note to Henry). I don’t see a Site Meter icon either, so he won’t be joining the Ecosystem soon. His bad.

This appears to be his first post:



In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions.

During the era that nobility was a prestige and living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village of Garmsar-approximately 90 kilometer east of Tehran. I was born fifteen years after Iran was invaded by foreign forces- in August of 1940- and the time that another puppet, named mohammad Reza – the son of Reza Mirpange- was set as a monarch in Iran. Since the extinct shah -Mohammad Reza- was supposed to take and enter Iran into western civilization slavishly, so many schemes were implemented that Iran becomes another market for the western ceremonial goods without any progress in the scientific field. Our Islamic culture would not allow such an infestation, and this was an impediment in front of shah and his foreign masters’ way. Thus, they decided to make this noble and tenacious culture weak gradually that Iran be attached strongly to the west as far as its economy, politics, and culture was concern. After the implementation of this policy and the unreal and outward of upswing, the villagers began to rush to the cities. Upon the enforcement of the land reform, the status of the villages became worst than the past and villagers for earning some breadcrumbs, they were deceived by the dazzling look and the misleading features of the cities and became suburban and lived in ghettos.

My family was also suffered in the village as others. After my birth -the fourth one in the family- my family was under more pressures …

And it goes on and on and on…blah blah blah.

You thinking what I’m thinking?

Yep. Mein Kampf.

(h/t Allah)


  1. avolokitisvara says:

    so why is he a Modern day Hitler? Mein Kampf? Whats the deal with the blinding rhetoric?

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