Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What is John McCain thinking?

The Washington Times reports that the Arizona Senator and 2008 presidential candidate has decided to skip an opportunity to address those attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Sen. John McCain is the only major Republican presidential candidate who will not address the nation’s premier gathering of conservatives this year.

Sponsors of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which begins today in Washington and brings together thousands of conservative leaders and grass-roots activists, say the Arizona Republican has “dissed” organizers by attempting to schedule a private reception for attendees after rejecting invitations to speak at the event.

“It was a classical McCain move, dissing us by going behind our backs,” said William J. Lauderback, executive vice president of the American Conservative Union.

Is McCain afraid of the right wing of the party? Does he think he can be elected without them?

“He turned down repeated CPAC offers to speak but then tried to get around us by having his office call the hotel to rent a room for a reception for CPAC attendees — without first seeking approval of CPAC organizers,” said Mr. Lauderback.

Too little too late John. The damage is done. Skipping CPAC is a major blunder, and it will haunt McCain later in the campaign.

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