Abort! Abort! Abort!

OK, so I didn’t exactly make it to New York City last Friday night. The reason? An emergency trip to the ER for yours truly. Yep, that was me, riding in the back of the ambulance and into the hospital. Seems that out of no where my heart started racing at not normal speeds. I didn’t have any other characteristics of a heart attack. I just had this racing heart thingy. So, rather than take chances, we dialed 911. I spent 4 hours in the ER to find out that nothing looked wrong with me, other than my heart going too fast. They administered some drugs and my rate came right on down.

I did a treadmill test and a echocardiogram yesterday just for good measure. Looks like a ongoing prescription for a beta blocker is in my imediate future. Of course, we’ll see what the doc says.

So, that’s why I didn’t make it to NYC, or to the O’Reilly event. I’m bummed to say the least, but whatcha gonna do? Health comes first, right?

UPDATE: It appears that my heart is completely healthly and that I still have work to do on this planet. The results of my test have come back normal. 🙂

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