A Sure Fire Way to Ratchet Up Your Blog Traffic

Over at Dean’s World, Michael Demmons writes in to mention that over the past two days, he’s had thousands of new visitors come to his blog. What’s his secret? He blogged about Mario Vasquez, the dweeb who recently quit American Idol. EVERYONE seems to be googling his name. Talk about creepy.

I’ve got a similar story. Back in January, I wrote an article about Ashlee Simpson. Since then, I’ve had thousands of 12 year old girls visit PunditGuy.

Not exactly the kind of traffic increase I was looking for. 


  1. Alan Kellogg says:

    Mario? Not a peep.

    Redmond Simonsen? A couple.

    Kandoo Frog Wiping His Ass: One

    Mario, less popular at Mythusmage Opines than a scatological cartoon frog. Who knew?

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