A Summit? Sure, says Germany.

From the Financial Times

Germany won’t commit troops to Iraq today, but won’t completely rule out the thought for the future. Gee, isn’t that comforting. They especially like John Kerry’s summit idea.

Germany would certainly attend, Peter Struck, the German defense minister said.

This is a very sensible proposal. The situation in Iraq can only be cleared up when all those involved sit together at one table.

Someone be sure to call Zarqawi and give him the time/date for this little chit chat.

Germany has taken on responsibilities in Iraq, including financial ones; this would naturally justify our involvement in such a conference.

Uh, yeah, financial responsibilities…like a program called “Oil for Food”, right?

Mr. Struck said Germany’s attendance at the conference proposed by Mr. Kerry did not mean Berlin would immediately deploy troops. Analysts in Berlin argue that a Kerry victory would increase pressure on Germany to step up its involvement in Iraq, even though public opinion is still firmly against the US role in Iraq and against any heightened German engagement.

Oh yeah, this is the kind of steadfast resolve we need in an ally. Way to go Schroder.

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