A Specific Threat

That is what’s causing New York City to enhance security on its mass transit system today. According to FOX News, the threat of a terrorist attack on the subway was investigated and deemed credible.

A NYPD source told FOX News that the threat involved 19 suitcase bombs to be placed in the subway system.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared at a news conference alongside Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly in which they announced the threat and said it was the most specific they had received to date.

“This is the first time we have had a threat with this level of specificity,” Bloomberg said.

The AP has more.

Even more here at the Counterterrorism Blog, including this little tidbit:

LOTS of inconsistent and cautious information from official and other CT Blog sources – DHS and NYPD clearly do not agree on this info. For instance, MSNBC: “Sources told NBC that the information came from a single informant of varying credibility…A homeland security official tells NBC News that though the source has “doubtful” credibility, the heightened security in NY is necessary out of an abundance of caution. The source has apparently given some accurate information in the past, and some inaccurate.” CNN reports that DHS sources said that the threat was deemed “not viable” although investigation still ongoing, indicating that DHS possibly would not have released info to public. Fox News & CNN first reported that their DHS sources indicate NO specific credible threat. CBS News’s Jim Stewart cites a source that this is “imagination run amok,” with no suspects currently in the U.S.

The Political Teen has video of Bloomberg’s news conference.

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