A Matter of Fairness

A blog at the Washington Post asks the following question:< ?p>

Considering her active involvement in her mother’s campaign, is it fair game to ask Chelsea Clinton about the Lewinsky scandal?

The question came up because of what occurred yesterday in Indianapolis. Chelsea was asked by someone in the audience if her mothers credibility was hurt by the Monica Lewinsky matter. She answered flatly, “I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

That’s not a very “Clintonian” response, but some slack can be cut due to her relative Q&A inexperience. The fact is, she could have talked about how the whole thing strengthened her family, brought them closer together, blah blah blah. It would have been a lie of course, but it would have been effective. The media would have played the sound bite again and again. Unfortunately, Chelsea’s response just illustrates how sensitive the whole issue remains for her and her family.

But, back to the question of fairness. The answer of course, it is absolutely fair game to ask Chelsea this question. All the rules changed when the Clinton’s agreed to let her campaign for Hillary. And when you represent the campaign, all questions should be expected, even the most personal ones. She can answer any way she wants. There shouldn’t be any code of conduct amongst the media anymore as it relates to Chelsea. She’s not a child anymore. She’s an adult, a public personality, and a surrogate for the campaign.

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