"A Massive Retaliation"

There’s no end in sight.

Israeli missiles struck Beirut’s airport and killed 17 people in the south Sunday, including a family who had come from Canada to visit their home village — the first in what Israel warned would be a massive retaliation after a Hezbollah rocket barrage left eight dead in the Israeli city of Haifa.

The Haifa attack, a dramatic turning point in five days of violence, led Israel to accuse Syria and Iran of providing guerrillas with sophisticated weapons. Israeli officials said the missiles that hit Haifa were more advanced, with longer range and heavier warheads, than the hundreds of rockets that have rained on northern Israel.

The Jerusalem Post notes Hezbollah rockets have hit targets 45 kilometers southeast of Haifa, marking the longest distance into Israel to date.

Meanwhile, Michael Totten’s old neighborhood is under attack, and insults made by readers of his blog have forced him to revise his comment policy.

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